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The Journalism Department of IFIM College conducted a multimedia presentation competition

25th Feb 2016

The event was based on the PowerPoint Presentations prepared and presented by the students on the topic ‘About Myself’, which was judged by Mrs. NagaRathna and Mr. Venugopal. The Judging Criteria for the event were clearly explained to the students by Mr. Venugopal . The Judges marked the students based on those criteria out of 100. The event started with Ms. Pragyashree Das of first year, BA (JEP) welcoming the judges and students who were about to present their presentations. She also gave a short description about the event and thanked everyone for making the event special with their presence.

The event started with Mr. Gowtham of second year, BA (JEP) with his presentation which had its start page as “ABOUT MYSELF” with his picture in it. The next to present was Mr. Mohammad Nizam of second year, BA (JEP) with full of confidence putting up his thoughts about himself. Following by them, came all the second year students of BA (JEP) naming Mr. Abishek Nigam, Ms. Shubhakanki Ghoura, Ms. Victoria Chacko, Ms. Surbhi Singh and Ms. Khushboo Singh whose presentations gave us a view about each of them. Then, the stage was occupied by the first year students’, presenting themselves one after the other. It started with Mr. Arun Pandian presenting about his views and aim followed by Mr. Dinesh R, Ms. Pragyashree Das, Mr. SriKrishna, Ms.Subhashree Pattanayak, Mr. Ronit Chakraborty and Ms. Prathibha Tiwari.

Each of the presentation was of its kind as there was no resemblance among them. The way it was presented by each one of them made the whole session more interesting. The students learned about innovations in multimedia presentations and how to engage audience while speaking.

After the presentations, the judges gave their opinions and scores to the students who exhibited their presentations. Mr. Gowtham won the event with 63 marks, Mr. Mohammad Nizam and Mr. Ronit Chakraborty shared the second place and Ms. Pragyashree Das secured third place in the event. The Judges thanked all the students who participated in the event and wished them luck for the upcoming events.

The session ended with Mr. Mohammad Nizam of second year, BA (JEP) thanking all our faculties who initiated and conducted the event. He also thanked the students who participated in the event and made the event possible.

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