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IFIM College celebrates Annual Awards Day

19th April, 2017

IFIM College organized its Annual Awards Day which was regarded as the most auspicious event of the academic year. This grand event honored not only the students, but even the faculty members who were recognized and awarded for their performance in various aspects. The event started with the welcome address speech by the student General Secretary, Shyam Balachandram to all the guests, faculty members and students.

The first event was the lamp-lighting ceremony where all the distinguished guests, principal, and CAG of IFIM Institutions gathered for the same. An invocation song sung by Ms. Sushree and welcome dance by the Ms. Nambika cheered up the gathering with amusement. The distinguished guests, Dr. Asha Jyoti, Chairperson, Dept of Telegu, & Dr. Srinivasa R, NSS Coordinator, Bangalore University were being welcomed to the dais.

Dr. Ranganathan, Faculty of English, IFIM College delivered a speech for the occasion. The next event was the addressal speech of Dr. Anuapama Natarajan, Principal, IFIM College in which she spoke about the progress of the college in the recent times. A presidential address was delivered by CAG Prof. M.S. Lakshminarayanan.

Next was the most awaiting moment of the day where prizes, certificates and mementos were being distributed to the students for their achievements in various arenas in the college. Prof Venkatesh B.B. invited the various students and the respected parents who were certified and awarded for their performance in the national level essay writing competition. The next event was the awarding the students for the departmental achievements where Nizzam Muhammed ,Krishna Bhattarai of, Caroline B and Aleluia P Gracias received the outstanding students award. Ms. Nambika of MBA received the all-rounder student of the year. Harshavardhan Reddy received the best outgoing student of the department. Then the prizes and certificates for sports and other co-collicular activities were being given to the students by the distinguished guests. The members who completed the Quality Managament Control (QMC) and help IFIM College achieve the ISO certification were also felicitated. CAG Prof. M.S. Lakshminarayanan felicitated Dr. K. Asha Jyoti and Dr. Srinivasan was facilitated by Dr. Anupama Natarajan. The grand event ended with the vote-of thanks speech by Prof Venkatesh BB.

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