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AURA 2K16- license to entertain

Fests are some of the happening events of the city that warm up the surroundings and create a hustle-bustle in the youngsters. The inauguration of AURA 2016, an intercollegiate fest by IFIM college was held for two days and was attended by artists like Riaz Basha, India’s no 1 multi-lingual MC/Speaker who has entertained a million of audiences all over through radio,television and stage shows. Also one of the well-known bangalorean singer Rinosh George and wrapper /writer Karthik Gubbi had set fire on the stage with their outstanding performance and had left the audience overwhelmed with joy.

The college Director Dr. M. S. LaxmiNarayan, Principal Dr. D. M. Deshpande and the Secretary of the college Mr Sanjay Padode presided over the function. The fest was attended by 30 colleges in and around Bangalore with the presence of more than 500 students in the campus on 29th and 30th of January. They participated in more than 20 competitions and contests. The highlights of the fest were Battle of bands, fashion show, group dance and many more. There were also interesting contests like cook without fire, Mad ads, treasure hunt, karaoke, business quiz etc.

The committee responsible for the fest hooked up a variance in their strategy of sponsors and participants by creating their own website for the event, making twitter and instagram accounts and facebook page also with an android application called ‘beewise’ created by Jishnu Mohan and Padmabhushan Pati who are pursuing BCA from the college. They promoted the fest through pre-events held on 16th and 17th of January such as street cricket and street football in which around 15-20 teams participated from different colleges along with local teams. The motto was to create awareness among all about the fest and the hard work they had done for it. The college principal stated that “The idea is to make the fest a brand in itself and make children participate more and understand the importance of the opportunity given. This would help them in their future as an experience and also help make this a grand success”.

Also workshops on Game Development & Digital Marketing were conducted for the students by various companies in order to promote their work and support the fest. The eye catching events were the bands that made every person bang their head along, the fashion show that rocked the stage and the budding talents who danced and made everyone go with their flow. There were also competitions that took place during the noon time consisting a division in the courses and their innovative events. The BBA & BCOM department had management events in human resource, marketing, finance and best manager and the all rounder was Christ University who took away the prizes for all the events. The BCA department divided their events into two Gaming and IT which consisted of Counter Strike and NFS also Web designing, Coding & Debugging, and had a tough time deciding the winners. BA(journalism) department had three events namely Twistifier, DJ Chatter and Sigmund Spoof which was quite entertaining. All the events turned to be interesting and challenging for the students and a number of them took initiative and got involved in it.

At the end of two days of an enthusiastic programme a ‘rock n roll’ was a treat for all those who spent days working for the fest to take it till the seventh heaven.

By - Victoria Chacko
BA(J) 2nd year
IFIM College

23 years of leadership development

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