Prof. Bob Nathanael

Assistant Professor

Mr. Bob Nathanael joins IFIM Law School with 9 years of extensive and hands-on teaching and training experience. Previously, he has taught English to students of various age groups and from a wide range of nationalities. He has also successfully prepared students for International English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE and OET. At IFIM, his core responsibility is to enhance our students’ communication skills. He is also vital member of the Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) at IFIM.

Mr. Nathanael completed his Master of Arts (English) from St Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore University and his Bachelor of Arts (English) from Prananath College - Autonomous, Utkal University. His areas of academic interests are Second Language Acquisition, Linguistics, Interdisciplinary Literary Studies, British Literature, Indian Literature, Russian Literature, Post-Colonial Studies, European Classical Literature, World Literature, Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, and Creative Writing.

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