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Guest Lecture on Career Transformations and Entrepreneurship

Guest Speaker: Dr. Pavan Soni, Founder and Innovation Evangelist, Inflexion Point Consulting

On October 9, 2017, the students of B.Com got an opportunity to visit the production plant of Toyota Kirloskar located at Bidadi.

The guest speaker for the event was Dr.Pavan Soni, an entrepreneur who holds a PhD from IIM Bangalore. Dr.Soni introduced us to the topics he was going to emphasize on. He gave a clear outline on entrepreneurship and the advantages of being in Bangalore-the startup capital of India.

“Jobs aren’t growing”- Dr.Soni spoke on the essence of Jobs in India and gave us some statistics that evidently proved his points. He further continued into the importance of entrepreneurship in society, by sharing his career life, and how he fought back at times when he was dissatisfied with his work life and how he eventually resigned to start his own firm.

He spoke about the three major qualities of the Marwaris – Service, Hard work and Frugality. Explaining each of it with simple examples of Marwari business people. He recommended the students to develop the ability to network and take risks. “Develop a curiosity of a child”, he said. By the end of his talk, he engaged with the students in a Q&A session, which had questions regarding startups and scope for growth in an entrepreneurial path.

Dr. Pavan Soni ended his vibrant talk by saying, “Have a thick skin”, referring to the external distractions that one need to avoid while making a career decision.

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