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IFIM College hosts an International Conference- Fusion 2017

10th March, 2017

On March 10, 2017 IFIM College had organized an International Conference-Fusion 2017 on “Emerging Trends in Governance for Sustainable Growth”. The inauguration ceremony was the first event, where Prof. M. S. Lakshmi Narayan, CAG, IFIM Institutions, Prof. Venkatesh BB, Convener of Conference, Chief Guest, Prof. Ninje Gowda Registrar – Bangalore University and Guest of Honour, Dr. Sam Choon Yin were present.

Post the networking lunch, tracking sessions for various paper presentations and reviews by judges residing over the sessions took place. At 4pm, the tea break was taken and the valedictory function started around 4:15pm, which was resided by Dr. Sam Choon Yin, Guest of Honour, Dr. Managa Nagabhusan & Prof. Ninje Gowde as the Chief Guests, Dr. Anupama Natarajan, Principal, IFIM College and Prof. Venkatesh BB, Convener of Conference. Dr. Nagabhusan delivered her speech and spoke in details about the present-day need for intensive research and the immense importance of the same. Then, Sunil Vego of PGDM introduced Kalpana Padode, Chief Patron of the International Conference. Mrs. Padode spoke about the concept related to the governance of people for the systematic functioning of a society. Next, Prof. Venkatesh BB, Convener of International Conference announced the best paper for respective categories, where the winners were given a certificate and a memento. Farzana P for Corporate Governance, Prof. Venugopal N for Socio-Cultural Governance, Dr (Prof) R Gayatri on Environmental Governance, Mr. Anvish on Economic Governance, Prof Kusuma Ajay for Academic Governance and Sourav Kumar Jha and Torsha Ghosh from student category bagged the first prizes for the respective track themes.

The session judges were given a certificate and a memento as a token of appreciation for their presence in the Conference. Dr. Rangathan, Faculty of Language, IFIM College delivered a speech about the conclusion of the international conference. The conference ended with a vote of thanks speech delivered by Prof. Venkatesh BB and the singing of the national anthem by all present in the valedictory function. The paper presenters were given away the certificates by the volunteers of the conference.

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