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IFIM College conducts International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Governance for Sustainable Growth”

10th March 2017

IFIM College, Bengaluru, Affiliated to Bangalore University and Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC held an International Conference Fusion 2017 on “Emerging Trends in Governance for Sustainable Growth” on March 10, 2017 The theme of the conference reflects the need of the hour in various spheres. The governance failures impact the health and growth in any sphere of activity. Technology plays a pivotal role in all types of governance. Toning up and sustainable growth have become sine qua non for the orderly functioning and for the benefits to reach all the ‘stakeholders’.

Conference Sub Themes :
Corporate Governance: Corporations have become the wheels of production, distribution and income generation in all product and service sectors. Hence, proper governance has become vital.
Session Chair : Prof. A. Seshachalam

Academic Governance: Education plays a transformative role. How governance can improve the quality for all the stakeholders and consequently benefitting all?
Session Chair : Dr. K. Ranganathan

Administrative Governance: The role of administration in integrating the policies with proper implementation needs no emphasis.
Session Chair : Dr. N. Ramu

Economic Governance: What can be done in this arena to speed up the economy on a sustainable basis?
Session Chair : Prof. S. Nagalakshmi

Socio-Cultural Governance: The benefits of all productive endeavors should uplift one and all. The conference aims at fresh thoughts which would promote capability, merit and providing the means to masses without losing quality and reliability in any area.
Session Chair : Dr. Pooja Basnett

Environmental Governance: Earth is the only planet available for living at present. The need for preserving the health of the environment is the concern of all.
Session Chair : Dr. Gitanjali

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