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Students of BA- Journalism visits a rehabilitation and psychiatric center - CADABAMS: Igniting Fires to Survive

17th March 2016

On March 17, 2016, an industrial visit to Cadabams, a rehabilitation and psychiatric center was organized by the Department of Journalism, IFIM College and led by Mrs. Nagarathna and Mr. Venugopal (Asst. Professors - Psychology).

Cadabams have three separate buildings for patients as one for drug and alcohol addicts and other two for the mentally challenged named as Anunitha, Adrutha and Amitha respectively. Amitha building hosted mentally challenged persons and mentally ill people. Adrutha building section served as a short and long term rehabilitation center. Anunith - the well maintained and equipped building dealt with drug and alcohol addicts.

The first stop for the students was at the Adrutha, where they got their refreshments and the introduction about Cadabams. The two counsellors Divya and Sheril introduced student to the history of Cadabams. Then, the students visited Anunitha , a rehab centre for drug addicts. Here the students had a feel of on job training as they got the opportunity to talk and mingle with the patients. At last, they entered Amitha, the house meant for the mentally challenged. Here the students personally met with patients affected by schizophrenia and mood & personality disorders. These patients also shared their recovery experience at Cadabams with the students. At the end of the day, the students had a unique experience visiting Cadabams as it was a major learning for the students of the IFIM College.

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