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Department of commerce at IFIM College organizes an Industrial visit to Toyota plant

October 9, 2017

On October 9, 2017, the students of B.Com got an opportunity to visit the production plant of Toyota Kirloskar located at Bidadi.

The journey started from the college campus at 11.30 A.M accompanied by Mr. Prabhakar the Assistant Professor of the Commerce Department. They reached the Toyota plant at 1.30 p.m. There Mr. Gopinath – HR Manager welcomed and took them inside the campus. They had a corporate session to begin with where they told about the history of Toyota Kirloskar and the work procedure of the manufacturing of Toyota cars. There the students learnt the various process involved in car manufacturing followed by the visit to the plant two, where assembling takes place. There the students saw how the cars are assembled by various processes and sub processes.

Finally, the visit to the plant was ended by another session where Mr. Gopinath addressed the students and got the feedback from the students. Overall the visit to the plant was highly interesting and enthusiastic. The students learnt various new things related to the management of Toyota work procedure of various departments of the company and how actually the cars are manufactured.

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