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Valedictory Function of BA (Journalism) department

31st March 2016

The Valedictory Function of BA (Journalism) department of IFIM College was held on March 31, 2016 along with collage competition ‘Think Ink’.

The session started by invocating the Gods in both Bengali and Tamil, sung by Shubhakankhi Ghoura & Gowtham of second year, BA (J). Ronit Chakraborty of first year BA (J) told the guest about the idea behind the invocation song in two languages. It represented the multi ethnicity of India at the same time the dept. The guests then lighted the lamp as a mark of start to the auspicious function.

The Head of the Dept. Dr. Pooja Basnett through her speech welcomed the guests, the faculty members & the students for the function. She emphasized that the department of journalism has made a great impression and has always been noticed for good reasons and excellent work.

The special guest Mrs. Surekha Shetty – Director Admissions, IFIM Institutions was given a hearty welcome with a speech by Khushboo Singh, second year of BA (J). She gave a detailed account about the guest and her achievements. She along with Abhishek Nigam, second year BA (J) had interviewed her the previous day and shared the information about her. Prof. M.S Lakshmi Narayanan, Director –UE, IFIM College and Dr. D.M Deshpande, PrincipaL -IFIM College, graced with their speeches on this occasion. They pointed out the role of media and paved the way for the students with their guidelines about the vast stream of Journalism. The special guest Mrs. Surekha Shetty also graced the students with her speech about three basic principles about being a journalist - Accuracy, Balance and Credibility.

Collage competition was the final activity done by “Think – Ink” - Journalism Association for the semester. All the students of the department participated in this event and made their last mark strong and loud. The students took variety of topics like Diversity, Global Warming, Social Animal, Farmer Suicide, etc. and showcased them aptly in their collages. Our guests for the event were also made the judges for the competition. The team of Rari Krishna, Jyotsana Bhardawaj and Gowtham Gowda and also the team of Gowtham, Mohammed Nizammuddin and Abhishek Nigam shared the first place.

Refreshments like watermelon and lime juice were provided to the guests, faculties and students in order to make awareness about not to eat junk foods and to stay healthy. This innovative cause was initiated by Mrs. Nagarathna. The prizes were given to the winners of all the association events conducted in the period of two semesters and also for their academic achievements. These prizes were given to the respective students by the guests for the event.

The whole session was wrapped up with an end note of ‘vote of thanks’ given by Abhishek Nigam, second year of BA (J). The guests were given flower bouquets by Ms. Pragyashree Das, of first year BA (J) as a token of respect to end for this wholesome event of fun and knowledge.

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